Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Mecha-Talking Horse

A walk into the stable... and a horror-filled glance... gleaming, smoothmetal where skin and fur was.. a horrific sight.. and an implied threat.The horse turns, and stares.. "Helloooo", he says, the voice sounding almostas it did. A step backwards... "Why are you scared?" .. and all that theeyes normally chase, the shine of distorted light from the shed, out of placehere. Skin bristles, remembers ancient history, stabbing with spears, crushingbeneath tanks, and now, in the most modern, disturbing form.. could destroywithout leaving a stain.. nausea, a dizzy fear, and a primal run from the barn,all is a blur, which mercifully ends quickly.

Ahh.. yes, actually the original idea from that comes from my carrying of myumbrella on the way to work today, and how it was like a lance, the bikemy metal horse... Creativity is interesting recombinations and processings ofideas and the like we're exposed to. We forget the sources easily, due either tovanity or the lack of an intuitive tie between the subjects.

A stroll down the road, the sky pure, the air still, the field with thefence soothing to the mind. The sun beginning to think about its descent,around 15:00.. the scent of earth... and then a "ding!" .. a pillar slowlyrises to the ground near us, its features slowly shift from earth to aterminal... a note.. we found the backup, we're now restoring... and asmile... the broken spider webs, at only a slight cost of modernity, willbe repaired, the spindle will be restrung, this mistaken route will be undoneand forgotten. A few minutes wait, and things begin to shift, the blood debtof these times defaulted. We have that string back again, to weave somethingnew. So much string.. enough to make some massive mistakes, or build somethingbeautiful.

I just got an email that the Council for Secular Humanism is very proud tohave Ronald Reagan Jr. among their number, who recently announced his atheism.This is kind of disappointing -- not that we have another atheist, which isalways a good thing in my book, but that they're playing up blood ties. Hey,people convert, and the memetic ties are not always strong between generationsof a single family. For example, Madalyn Murray O'Hare has a son who is adevout Christian and recieves similar fanfare because of his blood ties to aleader of our movement. What good does it do? Why is it interesting to us?I don't think it should be. It suggests hero worship, and celebrates eventsthat, while necessary for struggle, are unfortunate in that they can break afamily. Yesterday in the Moore film, we saw disgusting gung-ho-ness of Americansoldiers in their killing tasks, and their delight in the death disturbed me.It would be different if they identified with one of the ideologies at stake,speaking less ill of their soul (even though I condemn the invasion, and, again,I use soul metaphorically here). Similarly, delight in the struggle againstthe shackles of religion is very different from delight in the pain that saidstruggle causes.


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