Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Atheist Epiphany

The silent days of the profound, pained people.. Hussein wakes, looks outat the desert, a rare mist fills the air, and for him, a moment of profoundpeace... The brisk day for Stalin.. light winds blow through the Kremlin,How can we hope to touch on infinity, how justice is a knife, another knifeinto the peace we feel. A necessary knife, .. but not for now. Today is forinfinity, the sandy winds, the sleeping farms. Not a time to mobilize. Forother days we can watch the water fall.. in the sink.. in the stream. A dayaside.. an accidental significance is discarded.. not the eternal recurrence,nor the spinning dialectic, but something else.

We have great gifts, the community smiles.Sun has given us a new pair of glasses.Redhat has given us a new network file system called GFS.Guten Geshenken.. I wonder if GFS is actually going to be a good replacementfor NFS.. AFS, which we use here at CMU, really isn't suitablefor most things. I guess it could be said though that the Unix world (well,things are actually worse on other OS's) has really been eager for animproved replacement/update for NFS for quite some time now. NFSv4 might proveto be a contender, but if not, perhaps GFS will be cool. I look forward toplaying with it. As for LGlass, I really don't know if I'll use it -- I amkind of wed to WindowMaker, having used it for manyyears, but if it's cool enough...

Tags: tech

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