Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bullet Chorus

Is it a hors d'oeuvre? It's paralyzing -- how much to eat when we don'tknow what's coming.. The crumbs of the elk exceed the feast of the ant..Perhaps an old toy glimmers in the corner of the eye.. tripsthrough the washer machines have made your skin fade..A creature of the moon, closed eyes, ideals.. the gasping drowned man chokes,and we ignore, for he's in another realm. Each eye is a diamond,looking at another world that's not quite real. Luna belongs to Terra, and theharsh light of the sun touches only through proxy.

I've been thinking about midlife crises, based on some conversations. Doeseveryone get them? Are they just a moment of supreme awareness for people whosleep most of their lives? We wake in the morning, and the harsh light of dayeventually closes some of our eyes...

At work today, apparently the power supply to my old building had an overloadand exploded. All of today, and part of tomorrow, NSH will be dead. Ouch.I wonder if this is related at all to the new building construction, or theother recent failures the CS department has been having.

With luck, I'll be climbing again tonight, if I can get enough people together.Hurrah.


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