Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Not Keesh

I couldn't reach anyone to climb with, so instead, I decided to try to cook.I present to you a recipe from someone who is not a cook and probably has nocooking skill, for a food he has not even eaten yet. Here is...


Ingredients:Chaumes CheeseSpinach of the Ages (read: spinach that's been a frozen block in my freezer for who knows how long, likely more than 3 months, at least 1)Indian-spiced TofuOlive OilLime JuiceGarlic Salt

Instructions:Pour some olive oil in a pan, sprinkling it with olive oil. Set stove onmedium, wait for it to begin to make a sound. Drop in the tofu, and let itbegin to brown. When somewhat brown, place frozen spinach in pan, moving tofu ontop. Squirt some lime juice to the side of the spinach. Begin rotating spinachto prevent burnt spinach. Add oil. After some of it has detached from the frozenblock, put a chunk of chaumes on the tofu. Keep rotating, as rest of spinachslowly comes off the block, leaving the tofu on progressively smaller grounds.Eventually, as platform gets smaller, let chaumes into the sea of spinach, andlet it melt, mixing it in well. As tofu falls into spinach, move it to thebottom to let it finish cooking, rotating frequently to avoid burning. A bitafter the block is entirely gone and all spinach is at least warm, with cheesemixed in, pour the thing into a bowl and serve.

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