Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Thorned Leaf

stood with hands behind, refusing to strike back.. a pacifist?Or was it just how they felt about me? watched with pain in eyes,as my hands struck blows.. Somehow, it wasn't satisfying, and verbaltaunts did not do anything. I grabbed at the hands, pulled them around,played with the willpower used to supress the will to fight... finally,the natural inclinations faded, hands came up to my throat, and beganto squeeze...

Was just thinking/dreaming of the mallability of the human spirit..So often, people use a sly doubletalk to comment on humans by appearingto comment on fantasy creatures..

I sometimes forget which things I know I am supposed to know, and whichI've acquired through confidence or other means. Secrets are one of thefew kinds of poison that we can be proud to drink, an invisible badge..Secrets, and unexpected eyes.. cousins..

It is a time to replant my roots, to lift and till..

Hypnos calls me again..


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