Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Shoulder Tap

A dream.. or was it a nightmare? I seemed happy at the time.. the signatureapparel was there.. but the current state of things was different. Friendly,not hostile or painful. It's been so long.. Do I even want that? No, I tellmyself, but in reality, I know that part of me does. That's always the case,when we dream of things violent or vile, or just different -- the otherdesires that arn't part of the process that decides, they get their chanceto speak.. we routinely disavow them, but this is akin to the dictator whodenies that the masses do not fully support him. A society is not unanimous,nor is a mind. It would be more honest, I think, to break this lingual andmental habit, to admit that we have these desires. People smoke because theywant to -- the addiction instills additional desires into them that can, likemany biologically rooted desires, change the balance of power in our mentalgovernment to achieve their fulfillment. If we can learn to be aware of thesedesires, to reidentify with them, perhaps we can control them better. At acost, perhaps, of some of our sanity or ego? In the most recent philosophynow magazine, the editor spake of the argument put forth by some thatphilosophy can serve as therapy, helping people be happy. He suggested thatthis is wrong, in that by using it to that end, it suggests avoiding ideasthat do not lead to happiness. It is, in effect, a corruption like how moneycorrupts politics (comparison mine). This is indeed a strong argument.

I have managed to injure further my right foot. I've been dumb, and I'mcertainly paying for it. Oddly, the way it's injured now, I can run on itbut not walk on it -- something about the different motions involved makethe difference. I'm going to do my best to stay off of it for a few days.Perhaps this weekend is a good one to mostly spend in my apartment or drivingaround. If I'm going to be climbing and playing Badminton next week, the lastthing I want is an injured foot.

This is such a bad idea it's almost comical... Heh.


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