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Ichi - Broccoli is GreenThe shattered bird sings to me,the springs winding out of its body,the crayola blood and lemon-juice eyes.I admire it on its cavelit perch,and speak silence that echo through my hollow skull.The truth would disturb the air,an acknowledgement of the ties of blood wouldtaint the mottled bones, rescind the last breath...

Ni - Gasp of Fresh AirI thought I heard the paper rip, the penny drop onto the groundThe tiny streams we never see coat everything without a soundexquisite pain, and holding hands, laughter filled with painarteries that pulse with life, ice crystals in the vein

To live one must just take a breath, and nothing is the sameA tragedy, reason for being, in how these things we frameSwirled thoughts, look at your self, and sometimes wonder who?But then I smile, shake head at it, put on the other shoe

San - Reversed Fans of SummerThey met at a house, the flame and hose, and whiled the time awayThe scents released, the competition turned to idle playthrough Chaos drifts an idle cloud, it's history in songMy poems are sometimes quite bad, touch only with a tong

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Anyhow..Yesterday was an awesome day. Lazed around in the morning, went toCoffee Tree, and got more good reading done. Then I went home, readsome more, and at 7, I went rock climbing with N. Afterwards, I wentto her place, and, for the first time in many years, and as somethingI have had fewer times than I have fingers, I had some alcohol. Somewine, and other finer drinks, along with some good cheese and otherthings, as part of a French tradition. Wonderful dinner, great is so good..

I finally understand what alcohol buzzes feel like -- my face feltwarm, I felt very mildly dizzy, and felt my normal joy at expressivenessgo up a bit. These went away rapidly at India Garden when I had somewater. N is teaching me about fine wines, so perhaps I will start tokeep them around my place at some point. From being at ground zeroa few months ago with regards to food, I think now I'm eating better thanI ever have. Happy...

Time is short, perhaps, and I can't get exactly what I want, but Ican at least get something kind of similar. Even with what I do have,it helps me put away one closed book, and gives me peace knowing thatthere's someone who really understands me. That's really important, andright now that feeling is the strongest it's ever been in my life..variations of a theme, the inner flow of Pachelbel.. watercoloursand samplers from my life.

I've already come up with some improvements in my BLOG software -- itshould stick a placeholder entry while I'm actually writing an entry ina text editor.. I don't know if it works though.. And the redesign reallymight change everything.. doing so is always fun though -- programmingis an incredible feeling, but it's really the act of doing so, not thegoal-oriented thought. When software gets big, one gets a purifying urgeto tidy, and the chance to refactor is just as enjoyable.

I recently took pictures from a "book" I wrote when I was much younger.I'll put them up once I have the time to get things clean and uniform.

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