Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Chalk Wall

On the way from lunch today, I saw an amusing thing painted on one ofCMU's traditions, the fence. From what I understand, anyone who spends thenight on the cut (grassy area in middle of campus) may paint the fence thatevening and it shall remain unperturbed for at least the next day, possiblylonger. There was a quip-- "CMU, where the odds are good, but the goods are odd"I got a good chuckle looking that up on google, as there are plenty of placesusing that title for various things.

I'm speccing out a new system for work, and am amazed at what one can buyfor a bit of money. For $3000, at Penguin Computing,it's possible to get a Dual-AMD64 system w/ 2G RAM, SCSI, a DVD and a nicewarranty, all in a 1U enclosure. Altus 1200 is the particular.. Very nice.

The script kiddies are rejoicing -- some virus author decided to releasethe source to their work, and now every blackhat bozo with a compiler willhave their own flavour of that virus. This is not good.. but actually notuncommon. The bulletin board scene often had similar hush-hush informationbeing passed around in hidden channels. Back in those days, though, scriptkiddies wern't quite as clueless -- computer literacy was necessary to usea computer, and people were frequently starting up windows 3.1 to run aprogram, and then dropping back out to do DOS programs. I miss those times..

This is very funny stealth advertising.A company called Veracity manages it.Be careful though -- if you visit, javascript might disable your bookmarkstoolbar. Incidentally, I HATE it when sites do that. There is never a goodreason to take someone's toolbars away, and I wish they had never exposed aninterface to do that to Javascript. Argh.

Here is the latest addition to my frequently-visited news sites.Bizarre Oz Interpretation?I am curious if/how these folk are related to Google.Michael Moore apparently does not mind when people download his filmFahrenheit 9/11. He says he feels "information, art, and ideas shall beshared". I respect him for that.Here's a fun jab at bloggers..Here's a fun self-jab by a webcomicist.


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