Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stranded Notes, far from Song

Dubin is visiting me for the weekend. This is good -- other plans in mylife appear to be falling apart, at least in the social realm, recently.While taking a walk, I saw what may become the newest member of my littlefamily here -- there was what looked to be a dead baby bird on someone'sdriveway, but on closer investigation, it was just quivering there,too weak to move. I scooped it up, we took it back to my apartment, andI've been feeding it soggy bread. Initially it wouldn't eat, but it seemsto be doing a bit better now. If it doesn't die, I'll need to give it aname, get it a cage, and all that. I think it was abandoned by it'smother.. It's very cute -- it sleeps most of the time, and occasionallysummons me with a loud chirp and an upturned beak to come drop more soggybread into its mouth. I might, however, let it out into the wild if/whenI am reasonably sure it can survive on it's own. I'm unsure if it'll everlearn without it's mom though, which worries me. I want to make sure itsurvives, but I'm not sure I really want a pet bird. I'll think about it.

Something Dubin showed me -- Vanilla Almond Soy milk mixed with Kahluais a very tasty drink. Mmm. I have not, happily, had enough to get drunkor have a hangover. This is a good thing.

Oh, we saw the film, "The Terminal". It's was very good, moving, and hada plot that wasn't excessively sappy. Groovy.

It's too late to talk about anything more substantial :O


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