Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Touching Scars

A hand in the rain, cups the falling waterbruised eyes with water streaming overfluid of life also brings great deathCompost, a duty shared, between victim and agressor

Oh shattered bird,Somehow I never thought your metaphor would lose its soul and gain a bodyReverse the trade, or give me a single featherAnd on looks the pained painter...

So my accidental houseguest is almost certain to be temporary -- I contacted thePA Wildlife Centre (after getting a pointer from a group called animal friends),and they're likely to take the bird and prepare it for release. Thinking aboutit, this is good -- I really don't have the energy or the knowledge to takecare of a bird. They are, surprisingly, a lot more difficult than a cat ordog, or even an Iguana, because their lifestyle is so ill-matched to ours.I'm going to miss the little guy (gal?) though -- it's adorable when it tiltsits head back and chirps, waiting for me to spit some food into its mouth(it thinks I'm it's mum, and when I walk by, if it's hungry, it chirps). While researching what to do with it, I came across some local pet sheltersand the like. I'll let the idea cook in my head -- perhaps I'll volunteerhere as well, occasionally, in that area. It was good to be able to help outbefore in Columbus. Back to the bird, once it learns to fly, or even starts towalk greater distances, it's going to be really hard keeping it around withouta cage.

After recording stuff off my voice recorder into computer (which will go ontoa truly hilarious CD that, alas, it would be inappropriate for me to evershare with anyone), it's due a mail trip to Columbus to be used by a friend.My new Neuros Audio Player will arrive soon to replace it's functionality. Hurrah.While talking about sharing in a capitalistic system, he mentioned social groupsthat have a sole raison d'etre of passing unused things from one person toanother within the group. This sounds interesting -- I'll want to look intothis further.

One trend I worry about in organized atheism, which I was discussing last nightwith someone, is one way which I believe people slowly fall (back) into theism.Specifically, they start to emphasize, in their memory, the divisionsplaced between positions on the religion issue, and come to really dislikemost atheists because of their professing of lack of faith creating barriersbetween other groups that do good things. What I believe happens next is that,as they start identifying with belief-neutral groups, they begin to succumb totheir emotions and get religion, all the while proclaiming the unimportance ofthe existence of deities, in the face of what are to them more pressing socialissues. It's a kind of slow slide into mild religion. For most americans, theywill likely slip into Unitarianism or a mild Christianity, as it's kind of a'default' for people raised in this culture. People who are come from a slightlydifferent background, upbringing, or culture, may become Wiccan, Judaist, orany number of other things. The person I was arguing with initially thought Iwas misjudging the person I was using as example, but later, as I made clear thepath possible, asked if it really is a bad thing, as she too feels thatpractical things are more important, in fact mocking me for even caring aboutabstract things and letting it colour how I see people. Naturally the "arrogant"word was tossed around again, but this time I was able to deconstruct it inan effective way, and I don't think she'll be using that term again. I am nowquite certain that the term "arrogant" is an empty statement of disapproval ofexpression of incompatible and threatening views that, nontheless, people thinkhas a different kind of content. Back to topic, while I do prefer atheists,and value atheism, I have a number of religious friends -- it's a plus, butit's just another factor in whether I'll like or get along with someone. Also,while I do like atheism, I more importantly like atheism for the right reason,which to me means that people filter their notions of truth through science,and don't allow wishful thinking into that process at all. Emotions are greatfor values, and thus certain kinds of philosophy, but one needs to be verycareful not to allow values to dictate one's understanding of what is.Some people are atheist for the wrong reasons -- they're really disgruntledbelievers under the wrong name, or like to rebel. I would prefer to regroundsuch people on philosophical materialism, and do my best to do so when I see it.The attitude of "damn happiness if it's not honest/true" is what we're aimingat here.

Anyhow, now to less deep matters:The Pentagon says that some of BushJr's military records wereaccidentally destroyed. Oops! How could such a thing happen?Andrew Carnegie -- enemy of the common man, christian, but despite these things,suggesting living a modest life and doing lots of charity. What are we to think?The same man who did union-busting that had people killed, also suggestingworking for the common good. .. it needs further consideration.Imagine hackers who can write human viri.. Scary.


Tags: philosophy, poetry

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