Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The desperate romance of the Phoenix and Raven

The scent.. wafting to my nose.. like an invisible cloud woman.. it ispleasant, and envelops me... the source? A broken perfume vial sits on theground near me at the Coffee Tree. People move like busy bees, the prescribedconversations take place a thousand times a minute, information transfer onIRC, people helping each other, laughing at each other, and talking. The primalchatter in a new medium. All the technology cannot, and should not, change ourbasic needs. The tiny god, with information and power flowing and present evenwhen not active, the medicine man of a tribe weaves medicine the same as heweaves power, tracing a need with his finger, and meeting it with an owed favourand a leaf.

This morning before work, I finally reached the animal protection people,and brought my avian houseguest onto the path to destiny. It was a long drive,through strange areas of town, but parts of it were very pretty -- the streetit was on, Verona road, went through some areas that were mostly empty of signsof civilization. Of course, being Pittsburgh, I also encountered and stumbled abit over local specialties -- roads where you need to turn in an intersectionto stay on the same road, and fast roads with signs that are invisible untilone is already locked into turning or not turning. Hooray for Pittsburgh roads.The centre was small, but nice, and the people there seemed really cool. Ifit wern't so long a drive, I would definitely volunteer there. I am trying tokeep my footprint on the earth fairly small, but perhaps for the purpose ofcaring for animals, it's worthwhile to be driving a lot more. *shrug* The peopleconfirmed that the bird was just a baby, and seemed hopeful that it woulddo ok.

I got a phone call from the communist international people I ran into whosold me a magazine on the weekend, suggesting I join their reading group.I'm tempted to do so, but the thing I worry about is that I'm not actuallya Communist, I'm just investigating it with an open mind. It might beawkward if I read the suggested book, show up, and end up asking questionsthat are serious and that question the established. Even when I was aLibertarian, I never agreed with the party platform entirely, nor did Ifeel obliged to. I'm not so interested in discussing socialism, or politics ingeneral, with people defending any kind of orthodoxy, and I worry that that'swhat the reading group will be. I suppose I should give it a chance.

Last night, I bumped into a self-described Republican with Libertarian leaningsat Coffee Tree, and she was really quite intent on dragging things into apolitical discussion, despite everyone else present's best efforts to politelydeflect the conversation elsewhere. None of us were really in the mood, butthe conversation started. Thankfully, N showed up and saved me -- I heard thatthings later got quite heated between her and the guy who suggested Iread Stalin's side of things. I continue to be fascinated at the growingvisibility of the divide in our society between people who are liberal andeither openly "social democrat" or communist, and people who are conservativeand either Libertarian or religious right Republicans. The liberals have finallymobilized to strike back.

I also recently ran into someone who threw a fit over Mumia's speaking at Pitt.Maybe you'll like my response...

I'm not outraged. I am a bit surprised that you are though..As for the radical left, I don't know if I should be grouped among them ornot, but I don't think they're doing what you think they're doing --celebrating murder. I believe that the usual claim is instead that hewas framed for said death. Further, as you'll see below, we should holdnoone involved as clearly outstanding examples of virtue. It is claimedthat the policeman involved was beating Mumia's brother. It's hard forus to know if this is true at this point in time, but wouldn't youintervene if you were in said theoretical shoes, and someone you cared aboutwas being beaten by policemen? I know I would. I've never understood theparticular focus on "cop-killer" anyhow -- should we regard policepeopleas being more important lives than other lives? Should we regard them asbeing above possible corruption, bias, and hatred? That said, I don'tunderstand why many people talk about Mumia as a hero -- even if hisversion of the events is correct, the man still has been involved ingroups like the black panthers, which are hardly constructive for a goodsociety. It would be more fair, I think, to aim to correct what injusticesmay have occured, not to deify unfortunate victims and all their actions.There are certain fairly visible irregularities in how the trial, the appeals,and the confinement were managed, and these make me suspicious as to how fairthe trial was. However, the fairness of the trial seems unrelated to if hisacts merit his sentence.

So, $NAME_WITHDRAWN,I'm trying to be as fair as I can in evaluating this case.What do you know that I don't, or what in what I have said do youobject to?

Here is an interesting article for you to read (the excerpt is the link):For an Indian, who is also a school teacher, Thanksgiving was never an easy holiday for me to deal with in class. I sometimes have felt like I learned too much about "the Pilgrims and the Indians." Every year I have been faced with the professional and moral dilemma of just how to be honest and informative with my children at Thanksgiving without passing on historical distortions, and racial and cultural stereotypes.

Through bum luck, I had nobody to climb with today, so I didn't go.That's ok. Everything's ok now. I even ran into strange ex-gf who decidedthat it's cool to move in right across the street after we break up, andit didn't get me down. The hour hand has moved another notch on my life.


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