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I'm starting to schedule people, this time to run them through the fMRIwith my training wheels off. It's surprising to me how many people arekeen on the idea. Then again, the pay is pretty decent -- for 2 hourspractice one day, and 2 hours in the scanner the second, people net$60 plus a performance-driven bonus. I hope that one of the few non-handednessdependant studies that someone else is doing comes up soon -- I really wouldlike to have the functional scan data for my brain. I could extract some reallycool images from the raw data for use as desktop background. Getting 9 scansdone won't be too tough -- the surplus of interest means matching the schedulewill be easy. At some point, I'll start running friends and other people inSquirrel Hill through -- a lot of people I know are interested.

Finally, rebate submission number two appears to have done the trick withmy new ISP (Speakeasy), so with luck, I'll have $200 on the way back soon.I really dislike how rebates work, temporarily and pointlessly drainingone's bank account. Na klar, I'm dealing with a kind of similar situationat work -- I pay participants with out-of-pocket change and then file forreimbursement. So messy...

I spent most of last evening out helping someone, and so my sleep patternsare likely to be messed up for awhile.

For laughs, and perhaps slightly ironically, because I'm not exactly on themarket right now for a significant other (it's complex), let's dig throughthe old classic, a Girl's guide to Geek Guys.Looking at it, I guess I don't fit the stereotype as well as I once did.I don't tend to talk computers so much anymore.. except online with a fewpeople. The point on the Trek factor isn't true for me -- I stopped watchingTrek regularly not long after TNG, and I don't think I'm looking for deferencein a female. I *hope* I meet the sensitive and caring description :) Oh, thething about Geek food .. completely wrong for me. Hmm... I guess the Jargonfile's description has always been better.

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