Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Piece of Peace

For the last few days, the trees have been shedding their leaves in great abundance. Unlike my last apartment, there are some incredible colours here - right up the street are a series of trees that were are all an intense yellow - the ground beneath them is solidly, brightly yellow now almost as if yellow paint were spilled. Up the other street is a tree with red leaves that did the same thing - there's something special when the leaves cover the ground entirely with no gaps, like a lake of colour. More immediately, I'm watching one of my cats trying to fish a teaball out of one of last night's tea cups. Life is beautiful right now.

I have some interesting potential opportunities - a job opening in academia in Germany (that I need to read up on to see if I'm qualified), a decision to make on whether I want to run for a seat on Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee (basically, a decision on whether I would want to put in the time if elected, now that I'm involved in more Wikimedia Foundation projects than I ever was before).


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