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Scaffolds into the past

My first chosen, Marf, recently started a BLOG.. It's funny -- was talkingwith her yesterday online, and it's strange how much people forget thingsover 5 years.. well, no, actually, it isn't. We were talking about classicalmusic (harp music in particular) and I remembered a conversation we had aboutmathematical versus romantic themes in classical music, along with the roughsurrounding events, from about 5 years ago, while she had forgotten that I everliked classical music. It has been awhile, I guess, and in fact in time, I guesspeople who were once as close as could be will eventually forget each otherentirely. I remember there was some of this oddity when Debb and I got backtogether last December -- so many fine details had faded then.. but of course,people don't change *that* much -- talking with Martha reminds me that she'sreally very much the same person, and I'm sure if I were still in contact withthe two other lovers I've had, I would notice the same things. When I gettogether with my closest friends, from ages ago, it's like this... But it'salso kind of like trying to start a car with a low battery -- the context, thefabric, the familiarity that smooths relations is always a bit gone when thishappens, and always the faint scent of fear of a stranger who I'm trying toopen up to is there. Once that initial hurdle is gotten over, all is good..

I continue to "banish" music I dislike from the pool of random-eligible playinginto the other directory of non-random music (that eventually may be deleted).Occasionally I banish it for a different reason than I don't like it -- someof my mp3s/oggs wern't ripped properly, and a scratched CD yields bad sound.My most recent irritation -- there's a song by Queen called "Good Old-FashionedLover Boy" that I really like, but my mp3 of it sucks. It's especially badbecause I haven't seen that CD in years -- it might be in a box in my parentsbasement, or may even have been tossed. I find myself wondering what exactlywould happen if the government came in and got my computers -- would I need toproduce the actual CDs for all my music to show that I'm licensed to have them?That would be very bad -- my music collection is indeed a big mix of things thatare legal, and things that arn't. Stupid copyright laws... Ahh, yes, back toQueen. I really find Queen to be a strange band -- they remind me of a strangemix between the Beatles, TMBG, and Zappa, and .. they actually have a lot ofinfluences/similarities I can't identify. It's hard to classify them intobeing either 'low' or 'middle' music, meaning how pop-versus-sophisticated theirmusic is -- it varies per the song. Bohemian Rhapsody is very artisticallyinteresting, with incredible variations in style that still, amazingly, fitwell together. Weird Al's parody of the song, Bohemian Polka, shows him capableof producing middle-sophistication music too, although his regular faire issimple (but amusing) parodies of pop music that are on the low end oflow-sophistication music. Here's an example of things that fit in each genre:

Very Low - Music that's pure candy Aguilera, Pink, Aqua, Brittney Spears, Boy bands, Daler MehndiLow - Most punk, pop, hiphop, etc. If it's pretty repetitive, it's probably here TMBG, Chumbawamba, Firewater, EelsMiddle - Some of the more complex popular music, some jazz Oingo Boingo, Spike Jones, Beatles, Jamiroquai, most KlezmerMiddle-High - Some classical music, some reinterpretation of folk music Plaid Tongued Devils, Frank Zappa, Red Army ChoirHigh - Some classical music, Some folk music, rag, some jazz Vivaldi, Scott Joplin

You'll notice, I think, that a lot of people never learn to appreciate themore refined types of music, and only end up listening to the pop stuff.At the same time, some people will only listen to the more complex stuff.They're usually music snobs, and I used to be one of them back before Iwent into High School. Candy has its place, figuratively and literally.Apart from Brittney Spears and the boy bands, I like and recommend you checkout all of the above, to broaden your musical tastes, whatever you like.

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