Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

For Lack of Power

My laptop's AC adapter is dying. I never have luck with laptop ACadapters -- they're always the first thing to go. So... I ordered2 more on eBay, and will see if I can get a third through Dell'swarranty service -- this morning I spent about half an hour twistingthe cords every which way until my laptop finally got a charge, andeven now the slightest jiggle puts it back onto its battery. I may betemporarily without computer soon if I'm unlucky. Ugh.

Because of this, at least partly, I'm still at home. At this hour.Not good!

Later update:At work now.

A blurb -- time is only equivalent to money if it impinges on time one couldbe working. For contractors, perhaps time really is money. For day-workers,it is not, and for salaried folk, it is very much not.

This strikes me as a completely unnecessarywebsite. USB keys are good. It's not like the website is fightinganti-keychainism. Perhaps we'll see websites advertising concepts like"good food", or similar next, with a "good food alliance".. ehh..

I'm not sure if this is real or not, but it's funny.Warning: Not work-appropriate.

Final note, she sure does have a beautiful mind. Wow.


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