Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Readymade Breath

I'm not big into the premade journal idea, and all those quizzes thatpass around like STDs, but my friend Dubin had one I like. Here goes..

10 years ago I...

  • Was a sophomore in High School, I think
  • Was using a 286 laptop to take notes in class
  • Was doing computer work for a Risk-Management company
  • Listened to the Dr Demento show on radio every Sunday night
  • Ran a BBS, the QCBBS, using Searchlight software and RIPScrip graphics
  • Was leaving the stage in my life where I wrote viruses and did other things that could get me in trouble
  • Used Prodigy to get on the internet
  • Was part of a circle of friends that included a Tim Llewellyn, Stephen Lee, Henry Fu, Sri Jatla, and Matt Zielinski, with several other friends on the outer fringes of the circle
  • Like Dubin, also spent a lot of time and money on Magic: TG
  • Played Dungeons and Dragons
  • Sadly put away one retired videogame system, as I got its successor, thinking of the memories with it
  • Was confirmed Methodist, despite making it clear to various parties involved that I did not believe the religion
  • Was a conservative moral absolutist, a kind of proto-Libertarian accidentally kind of near Objectivism
  • Had reached a peak in my hating athletes and athleticism

5 years ago I...

  • Attended Ohio State University, 3rd year
  • Used a 486 laptop to take notes in class (Winbook, I think)
  • Was getting used to living in an apartment, and had a very cool apartment
  • Was dating Martha Knox, who was my first chosen and second lover
  • Was part of a society of atheists that had just been started in Columbus by someone who was my math partner in Calculus the year before
  • Was a libertarian moral relativist, greatly opposed to Objectivism
  • Was reading a lot of philosophy
  • Was still playing Magic: TG occasionally
  • Was spending a lot of time at Insomnia, a cool 24-hour coffeeshop near campus
  • Learned Perl (maybe earlier than this, actually)

3 years ago I...

  • Still lived in Columbus, Ohio, but had finished my studies there
  • Was recovering from a deep depression from my relationship with Martha having failed, and what I did afterwards
  • Was really good friends with Jason McVetta
  • Was reading a lot of philosophy
  • Was writing a lot of philosophy
  • Was questioning my Libertarian beliefs
  • Went to Outland, a Goth/Techno place in Columbus, once or twice most weekends
  • Was working for MacLeod and Associates, and then at GoAntiques

1 year ago I...

  • Revived/created a local atheist group
  • Got my current laptop, a Dell Inspiron 8500 (P4m/2.2Ghz)
  • Was recovering from a terrible failed relationship with Debb
  • Experimented with a relationship with someone that in recent times is instead a good friend
  • Found the geek group called Zets, a cool bunch to hang out with
  • Worked for the Auton Lab at CMU, in Pittsburgh
  • Was moving from my old apartment in Shadyside neighborhood to Squirrel Hill neighborhood
  • Had chucked the title of Libertarian from my persona
  • Decided to work on my health
  • Discovered Wikipedia (I think)

So far this year I...

  • Got back together with Debb
  • Buried my longtime companion, cat Wally Gunn, who I got with Martha a long time ago
  • Got a new feline companion, Tortfeasor (Debb named him), to take Wally's place
  • Had Debb move in with me
  • Broke up with Debb, after (moved to private section) She took Tortfeasor too.
  • Made a number of friends
  • Got into rock climbing
  • Have changed jobs to the Psych department
  • Have taken psych classes that'll help me to get into the grad program
  • Have started to reevaluate Marx and Communism, and started to read works within that style of philosophy
  • Started to hang out with K again, and started to hang out with N a lot
  • Recieved a threat of violence from someone who may eventually carry through with their threat

(section not shown)

Yesterday I...

  • Delivered a long-overdue statement of regret to someone in Columbus
  • Went to philosophy group, but almost noone was there
  • Pulled a strange but fun almost-all-nighter
  • Sent and recieved about 9 text messages on my phone

Today I...

  • Realized my laptop's AC adapter is totally messed up, and ordered a replacement on eBay
  • Almost went running, but instead had dinner at an Indian restaurant with one of my friends, Daniel
  • Heard back from a friend who was ill and in the hospital this week
  • Found out that my NeurosII audio player finally is being shipped to me
Tomorrow I will...
  • probably go running, as I have the energy
  • check out the Squirrel Hill "Happening" festival
  • go rock climbing if I can find someone to partner with
  • put more air into my car's tires if I end up using my car
  • likely end up at Coffee Tree at some point in the evening

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