Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Phone serpents

Today I spent much of the day with K, grabbing food, visiting IKEA, andtalking. It's been fun. Before we left, my laptop's power source coughedagain, spitting out part of the connector between the system and the cord.This is not at all good -- while I can shove it back in there, and jiggleit again to make it work, roughly speaking, it is now even less reliable.This is practically an emergency -- no computer = very unhappy pat. If I canfind my solder (I have the soldering iron found and ready), I can probably fixit, but I don't know where that went. In my urge to fix something, I tookapart the light switch that only sporadically works in my dining room, andfound that there's a small board that's broken -- not just a loose connection.I'm probably going to make a trip to the hardware store to pick up a new switchand frame, and hopefully my landlord can tell me which switch in the fuseboxcontrols that part of my apartment. So, no dice fixing things today. Brokenthings frustrate me .. again.

I'm oddly tired. I think it was the size of lunch today. :(

While looking for the sodder, I've come to realize the truly huge numberof things in my apartment that have the word "beef" or some similar variantwritten on them. Heh.

Oh, and I guess I need to block my parents again from the BLOG.When I get the time... Grr.


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