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Commune on 37th Street

Fingers flicker over the numbers, ink bleeds from the incision left by thepen, as the math problem is slowly opened to dessicate, the knots untied.She kept thinking about what he said, wondering what he meant, how much hehad said. Surface meanings, sign of the integral. Language, folds of meaning,multiple layers in every word choice we make, words to speak, to conceal, tomanipulate, to stage. We may take the derivative, only take the surface meaning,L'Hopital can get us there, usually.. That never was how we talked though,dancing among fine china, free to half-acknowledge things we arn't ready tosay in the plain, free to ask, "If I were to say XXX, what would you think?"..And then, the QED.. The pen rolls over the paper, absorbing a trace of thestill drying ink as her footsteps slowly fade.

My laptop lives again -- Dell's replacement AC adapter arrived this morning.I am looking forward to having the two spares I ordered though.. I can leaveone plugged in at work, the other at home, and this one can be my traveladapter. I think the continual folding/unfolding involved in travel is probablywhat eventually wears them down. Ahh, my NeurosII is also almost here.It originated in Illinois, was in Columbus yesterday, and they tried to deliverit today (but couldn't find my office). I had it redirected to my home. It'stime to ship the old recorder to its new home. I guess Columbus is one of thosetowns where it's convenient to use them as a hub -- despite being a moderatelybig city, land is cheap, transportation is easy, and there are plenty of waysto get in and out of the city. There are some smaller cities I notice, throughmy FedEx/UPS shipments, that are also frequent storage/hub places, Stanton PA,I believe, is the nearest. I wonder if the cities offer any incentives tocompanies to locate there for that purpose.. harmful competition? Hmm.

Yesterday, at lunch, I again had Srees (unless I have somewhere else I want toeat, it's kind of a default for me), and while sitting on the cut, tossing outrice to attract birds, I got a squirrel as well. It came close enough to methat it was well within my armspan, and I got to watch it for about 10 minutesbefore it ate enough and wandered off. It was quite a treat -- I often get birdsthat are like that, but Squirrels are more humanlike.

It seems that three of my close friends are going through tough things in life,I like to listen, and offer suggestions, but it would be immensely satisfyingto take a rolled-up newspaper and swat the people who are hurting them. Maybethis should be a general conflict-resolution method -- rolled-up newspapers arehard enough that they're satisfying to hit with, yet not so hard that they causemuch damage. Personally, it's rare that I get angry at people because Iinstantly seem to understand where everyone is coming from, and try to be fair,or at least understanding, to them all (which, of course, won't stop me fromtelling them things they need to hear or pursuing my own interests), but I knowthis isn't the case for everyone, and barring the world adopting my style of'enlightenment', or a similar enough thing, rolled-up newspapers may be thesolution to world peace.. No? Ehh.. worth a shot.

Some friends of mine and I are casually tossing around the idea of opening a24-hour kosher coffeeshop with food in the area. Getting funds might betricky, but we think we know of a good location, and have some ideas thatcould make it pretty cool. It's worth chewing on the idea. The problem is,only one of us (not me!) really could devote full effort to it, as the rest ofus have our eyes on grad school. We might be able to scrap together funds froma bank loan, relatives, and such, although said negotiations probably wouldn'tbe fun. Something to think about...

Apparently, I'm going to be without water for sometime tonight, as the cityis doing maintenance on some underground pipes on my street. It should be ok,and I'm glad to finally know why they're digging 9 foot deep holes in theroads around there. In other dull news, the CS department sent a mail outto everyone, saying that that department is running out of office space,and things will become even more crammed. A snippet:

We have a space shortage, and I wanted to let everybody know what is going on. For several years now we have been struggling to work with the space that we can get. This is not just an RI phenomenon. We work with SCS and the other units in SCS to obtain and allocate space. I have been talking to the other units and to the dean about this. Everybody is hurting. For the coming fall term, we're going to haveto make some adjustments a little more severe than what we have experienced before
NSH, the building in which RI resides, is already cramped. Just another reasonI'm glad I got out of there when I did.

Oh, my mom apparently has decided to go into business. I think she's going tobe selling crafts. I registered her a domain, and at least initially, if notlong-term, she'll be hosted on my virtual server. Her domain is in the kindof twilight of being registered but not fully propogated right now. Thataspect of DNS, the slow flow of the caches, has always interested me...Anyhow, as I know that I have opinions, and she does not, or has opinions thatare in many ways opposite mine, I'm not going to link to her site to avoidhurting her business if people too casually can find the link between us :)

And now, for the news..Yasser Arafat is in hot water -- he appointed a cousin to be his new securitychief, and was met with uproar for giving family favours. Lest we frown tooheavily on this, the biggest protesters are right-wing militants who areangry that he is willing, to an extent, to deal with the Israelis. The PA isnot anywhere near where it should be to take control of the land the Israeligovernment is pulling back from. Taking it philosophically, could it ever bemore than a family favour, to do this kind of thing? One advantage is that heprobably knows his cousin rather well, and the cost of betrayal within a familyis larger than that outside. In a primitive society, nepotism kind of makessense, in this light. The problem is, national land doesn't work well with thekind of society that the Palestinians have right now, and they have theunenviable task of moving from landless despotism in fancy clothes to a propergovernment in extremely short time, while pacifying the more regressivemilitias and warlords who stand to lose almost all their power in thetransition. Let's contrast thte two approaches the Israelis and the Americansare taking in their quagmire -- the Americans hand-selected (mostly) a newparliament, constructing Iraq's government from almost ground-up. Iraq'sgovernment is fake, it's not exactly Iraqi-made, and if it survives somethingakin to medical organ rejection, it'll be nice. The Israelis, as I understand,are more hands-off -- the Palestinians are to set up their own government, andthe success or failure of that is their business. I wonder which is better ofthe two approaches.. both create different kinds of malcontents, with differenttargets.

Apparently, John Kerry might be sued in religious court on charges of heresy.It'd be kind of funny, if it didn't hurt our ability to get rid of BushJr.

Bobby Fischer is found.. and is in hot water for using falsifiedpassports and similar. It's sad that the wondering of many a chess fan, whathappened to Bobby Fischer, is answered in this way...

A smile, finger traces the outline of a flower, thinks of pouring the pasteon the shards, the broken sculpture that would be a hummingbird. The coloursbetween the lines are subtle..

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