Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Widening a Hair

Some time ago, I faced an interesting different understanding of the competing values that compose a working person. Under that system, base raw values/instincts/etc may conflict, but each value may be reworked, out of a desire for consistency in values, into new forms which do not. This is part of a general system that recognises values but abhors such conflict, considering value conflict, as I understand, to be contradiction. My system, by contrast, works out its conflicts in larger systems of morals/ethics as appropriate, with those workings out not creating another intermediate form of values. I think I prefer my system over that system because I feel the conflict-prevented form of values-as-statements may bear little resemblance to values-as-I-understand-them after all their caveats are worked out, because such a system seems likely to me to be more resistant to value changes (as changing any given value's strength or adding/removing a value may entail altering the expressions of every other "resolved value", and because it is awkward or unlikely to state some of the ways values-as-I-understand-them may work their way into elements-of-a-system-under-my-framework as "resolved values". For example, if we decide to resolve respect for life and respect for autonomy, on the topic of suicide, into actual specific preferences for situations involving such things, we may have trouble phrasing it so it still sounds like a value rather than like a conclusion. Admittedly, this may be a stylistic preference, in that presumably phrasing it as a "resolved value" may tempt one, when it can be phrased as such, to make it more general rather than a standalone position, which may be better, or may be worse.

My apologies if this doesn't make much sense - it's fairly abstract, and it popped into my head as I was starting to fall asleep. Back to bed, and hopefully more philosophic thoughts can wait until morning.

Last note: I am amused that the thing that finally gets me hanging my clothes up on hangers is a broken drier and my decision to dry my clothes by hanging them up in my front closet and aiming a large wall fan at them for many hours.

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