Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Elected Vice

A friend is going through some strange times in their life.. strange timesthat put me in an unusual situation. All that there is, is to hope things turnout well in the end, whatever is tried or whatever happens. I know what I want,but don't know if it's even possible, near term or far, and there are otherpossibilities that would still be satisfying and good in that situation. Such,however, is much of life. Lack of predictability and incomplete informationare part of what sets the playing ground for our notions of autonomy and choicethat we need to be happy. Only through being incomplete can we find joy. Thereis also joy in giving, to the right people, and that joy can be exhilarating.

My 2 eBay power supplies arrived, and it is indeed my laptop that is messed up.I'm going to ship it back to dell, meaning that I get to do complete backupsagain. No laptop for awhile.. Joy. I am, however, still massively enthusedabout my new toy. The idea of having a repaired laptop actually makes me happytoo -- perhaps they'll fix some of the other minor stuff while it's in there..a tune-up for my laptop, perhaps.

I updated the "characters" page on this BLOG. Enjoy.

And now, for maybe 45 minutes of nap, and then perhaps either I'll hang outwith N or go running, depending on what happens.


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