Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Private Muse

Falling asleep to harp music - highly recommended. The "cd" todayis Harpestry: A Contemporary Collection. As its name implies,it has tracks by a bunch of different composers. It's very soothing,and while I don't often listen to music with the intent of sleepingto it, this is perfect for that.

I have the seed of an idea in my head - instead of getting anotherstring bass at some point, and perhaps before getting a Piano, I mightlike to learn to play harp. If the idea germinates long enough, perhaps Ishall. Clarsach...

It looks like Dell will actually send a technician to CMU to fix mycomputer, both keyboard and motherboard. Hurrah. I hope all will begood afterwards.

I think I'm going to go be social for awhile..


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