Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The answer to your question is yes

I think it's fair to say that I am no longer a vegetarian. Last night,SB and I had an excellent dinner in the Southside, and I had some incredibleduck (Trying to remember the word for duck-as-food, as poultry is for chicken.Was it cannard? Hmm..) as part of a meal that I'm still remembering right now,and as part of an evening that has many sequels. There are some things I'mnot going to blog (privacy), and the course of things related to this is mostlygoing to fall into that category. I'll just say that I'm very happy.

Today begins the long chain of people who I'm running through MRI to wrap upthe current experiment. Fun! Oops, actually, no, they cancelled. Oh well.

It's strange how alphabetizing my unsorted bookmarks has helped me get theimpetus to finally sort them into categories. I guess initially they were likegeologic layers and I admired their structure too much to want to disturb it,but now that that's gone, it's just a rote sorting. I'm cleaning up a lot ofuntidy ends in my life.. laundering my way through the long-neglected bags ofdirty clothes, getting my apartment closer to clean, emptying my car's's nice, and I seem to have the energy for it.

This might amuse..

It's a bit worrying to me that several of the people I'm contacting for theexperiments here at CMU have poked around and found my personal email address.I'm not sure it's actually a danger, but that's one thing to remember aboutCMUites -- it's hard to keep one's non-work and work realms isolated fromeach other when dealing with them. They see your name, and they're apt to typeit into a search engine..

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