Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Clock Dust

Another day passes.. the end of the month is nigh.More money enters my checking account magically, from CMU, andis swiftly routed to pay for last month's credit card purchases,this month's rent, some left for this month's expenses. The alarmthat should've woken me for last night's philosophy gathering, ifI had set it right, instead wakes me this morning. Our 12/24 hourtime system sucks. I like my clunky digital alarm clocks, but vow,with a figurative shake of my fist, not to buy another that justuses a confusing LED dot to distinguish AM from PM, instead hopeto use one that natively counts higher than 12. Another day passesbringing us closer to the election, another day for my grandfatherto find more rubbish to email to everyone he knows telling us thatKerry hates America, that he's part of some criminal syndicate, orsome other conservative rubbish. Another day for me, if I'm in themood, to spend my time writing my own response to these stock-generated(and often fake) conservative testimonials and piss off my immediatefamily (and sometimes please the more remote family) by sending it tothe same list of people my grandpa sent it to. I sometimes do the samewith my mom. Another day, another chance for a holiday. I whipped up aschedule last night of days in the year that mean something. I'm notmuch for holidays, and some of these are just there for laughs. Notethat I do not care about national holidays. All they are to me are daysthat I might get off of work. Hallmark holidays are just silly.

    Januar - (Origin Janus)
    o 1st - Day off from CMU
    Februar - (Origin Roman Festival)
    o 12th - Darwin Day
    Marz - (Origin Mars)
    o 3/14 - Pi Day, Einstein's Birthday o 20th-22nd Equinox
    April - (Origin 'to open', Spring)
    Mai - (Origin Maia)
    o 1st - May Day o (last monday) - Day off from CMU
    Juni - (Origin Juno)
    o 21st-22nd Solstice
    Juli - (Origin Julius)
    o 4th - Day off from CMU
    August - (Origin Augustus)
    o (first monday) - Day off from CMU o 19th International Talk like a Pirate day o 22nd-24th Equinox o 13th (3/12 on leap years) - 256th day of year, Programmer's day
    o 23rd - Mole day (6.02*10E23)
    o 7th - October Revolution o (4th Thursday) - Day off from CMU o (day after 4th thursday) - Day off from CMU
    o 21st-22nd Solstice o 23rd - Festivus o 24th - Day off from CMU o 25th - Day off from CMU o Last - Day off from CMU

    So, yesterday, at the end of the day, the training wheels came off, for betteror for worse -- my predecessor is gone, and now anything that I don't understandis my problem (although I could still email him, or walk over to my old groupand talk to his kind-of-predecessor, who pointed me at the job).


    Yesterday, I got a few books at a book sale some guy was having on CMU campus.Roger Zelany, who did the Amber series, apparently wrote pretty good shortstories as well. Pleasing. Of course, I have too many books already, givenavailable space.. too much stuff in general. This weekend, I'll probably spendsome time cleaning, hang out with K, perhaps go to the Jam on Walnut, and goon a sunday road trip with Dmitry and Eric to see a Flea Market inWashingtonPA. Hurrah. I've liked Flea Markets for a long time -- my grandparentsand immediate family used to go to them fairly frequently, and I usually wouldcome home with some interesting stuff.


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