Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Alcohol Mustache

After spending most of the evening at Coffee Tree, I swung by Giant Eagleto get some more food and similar. Fun. I grabbed some sourdough bread totry some tasty food I got last thursday at the local little russian supermarket.The honey I got is tasty, and the rasberry spread is incredible! Wow. I also,to work my way through some of the alcohol a good friend gave me, decided totry to make a novel concoction. I took a small cup I have, and mixed a tinybottle of Bacardi with a moderate amount of lime juice and some honey (which Ihad to stir for a long time to make it dissolve). It actually turned out prettywell.. only as I tossed the Bacardi bottle away did I notice that it's 80 proof,and I'm at danger of being drunk again. Ahh, I didn't mention -- last weekend,one of my friends invited me to a bar, where I had a mudslide and anotherdrink like it. I have a low alcohol tolerance, so this was enough to get merather drunk, for the first time in my life. I don't like being drunk, and hopeto minimize the times I ever become so. I also don't like most bars. I actuallyam not a big fan of alcohol, even after having removed my gut reaction thatit's bad... *shrug*... Some wines are good though. I imagine that, like withmeat, I'll introduce it into my diet in small quantities, but it'll never bea big part.


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