Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Tile Escape

That was a very cool dream... armed with just a kitchen knife (of the simplebut nice kind that I got a bunch of when I left home), I was trying to escapefrom a prison.. well, really, a house. No fighting people was involved -- Ihad to learn to deconstruct parts of the house, using the knife to pry aparttiles in the floor, to get to things I could pull apart with my bare handsor to otherwise manipulate, to make my escape possible. It was, more or less,a timed thing, and I had an old NES8 controller with me that I could use toreset the game if I thought I was going too slowly, or was pursuing a path ofescape that wasn't being fruitful. I apparently had become quite good at thetask -- was really getting good at lifting a tile, and then tiles beneath.I was, unfortunately, pulling giant cat hairballs out of pipes. Hmm. Yes,dreams are strange.

Tags: dreams

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