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Void versus Death

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There's a really interesting editorial on SUVs onSlate. It brings attention to something we all should've realized -- trafficlaws on weight limits actually ban SUVs from many streets in many cities. Italso has ideas on how best to deal with the SUV problem in America.. the problembeing that people choose such monstrosities, na klar. In sum, require truckdriver's licenses for them, enforce the bans on driving them on streets, etc.Good ideas.

To draw your attention to corporations behaving badly, some girl apparently wasraped by someone she met online many years ago, and wrote a book to documenther experience. Poor victim, so far. Unfortunately, she decides, with suggestionof her publisher, to call her book Her name is Katie. This iswhere she's being an asshat. There's already a,internet site run by another Katie. It's not bad enough, however, to confusethe hell out of people by naming their book the same as someone unrelated'swebsite.. instead, they're now planning to go big with the name of their book,starting a TV programme and all sorts of other things, and are suing the personrunning to try to force her to give over the domain name. Apparently,this is where the book author missed one of life's lessons in being a goodperson -- being a victim of something bad doesn't give one a license to bean asshole. In conclusion, Katherine Tarbox, fuck you. I'm not going to sayyou deserved to be raped, because noone deserves that, but KatieT, you'rescum. The internet will remember your doings if you win, and such things arenot forgotten.

Speaking of other lawyer-laden hoarders, the people who patent human genesare creating problems for science, making it hard todo genetic tests for diseases. These kinds of "ownership" make me furious.

Final little bit -- someone I know pointed me at TheyRule, aslick site that lets you explore relationships between the corporate boards ofseveral big companies, using a nice, flash-based visual interface. Neat.

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