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My DSL check is finally coming back. Looks like they actually recieved bothof my fillings-out of the rebate form - I was impatient when after 2 weeks,their status page showed no sign of having recieved it, so sent another. Theirform grumbles at me for having sent another.. sorry.. just protecting myselfagainst the not-too-nice rebate industry. It will be nice to have that $200back..

I'm irritated at how cold this summer is. Brr. I'm not supposed to need toclose my windows during the day at this time of year.

I've been abstractly salivating over the fastest consumer-level CPUs aroundnowadays.. in particular, the AMD64 Model FX53 2.4Ghz (probably the fastestand most expensive CPU around right now). The thing is, it really is anabstract desire -- apart from recently needing to break some encryption, whichis likely a one-time event, I really don't need much in the way of CPU power.Still, $1651 for such a barebones system (with 2G RAM) isawfully tempting. Mhh. I really have more than enough toys and raw power atmy disposal, from stuff I own and stuff I just have access to.

I recently had a brief conversation with a friend of mine, of descent fromIndia. Was basically on the topic of Western Imperialism, which we both seeas a bad thing. He spake of how people in India doubt the standing ofEuropeans to comment on civil rights given how the West messed up much ofthe world with imperialism in years past. Let's just cut'n'paste.

CENSORED: do you think it's better in europe because they have a stronger sense of where they're coming from, their history and culture?Me: Yes, and also partly because of geographyMe: If you're in Europe, the other cultures are right next door, in your faceCENSORED: yeah thats trueCENSORED: remember though that these same enlightened european cultures had brutal empires not too long ago, where they supressed and enslaved palak-paneer-eaters and such :)Me: This is trueMe: Foreign policy, of the Americans and the Europeans have been atrociousMe: Except for the Swiss, I guessCENSORED: yeah ... a lot of hardcore indians mistrust european talk of human rights because they still remember the freedom struggleMe: One's gotta live somewhereCENSORED: The swiss were financially intimate with the nazis uptil WW2 ... I guess every place has its goods and badsMe: So long as one is aware of the atrocities, and avoids covering them up, one's doing as well as one canCENSORED: yeah i agreeMe: Atrocities are everywhere -- Koreans and Japanese are no friends thanks to a long history of Japanese atrocities towards the formerCENSORED: i do feel europe is more humble and open to admitting mistakes than the US currently isCENSORED: yeahMe: It is disturbing how Americans know very little about the blood on their nation's handsCENSORED: yeah ... and the media, especially television media, just kinda plays along with the governments simplified view of the world and of "good and evil" ... they could really educate people if they wanted toMe: Sadly, the people don't want to be educatedCENSORED: do you think that's because of major news networks being controlled by Big Business, who love this government?Me: And they media just want to give the people what nets the media $$Me: I dunno, partlyMe: Partly because the news networks feel no sense of civic dutyCENSORED: yeah, its all commercialized ... disturbing images of the truth are unpopular and lead to lower ratingsMe: So I don't think it's so much a conspiracy (although there may be some of that) so much as too much capitalism and not enough idealismCENSORED: i agree ... what looks like a conspiracy is often just emergent behavior in a system where the basics are out of whack
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