Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Squirrel Hill Fallout Shelter

That was another very cool dream. I was over at my friend E's house(whose house I've never been inside), and there was a very largefallout shelter in the back. It was really more like a huge, long,and strange sub-basement with a strange slidelike entrance. The lightingwas minimal but floor-upwards, and there was a sign marked "Squirrel Hill Ave"on the entry, making me initially think that it wasn't just private to hishouse, but perhaps ran under the entire neighborhood -- it really was fartoo large to be just an accessory to a house that was privately owned.There were rooms with all sorts of strange things in them, and the placefelt very clean. The air was really pretty stale though -- initiallyI had trouble breathing and talking. As always in my dreams, I had a limitedability to fly, so I was able to fly up and peek over walls to see somethings he couldn't see. I also though, in pulling open crawlspaces anddoors, damaged some of the styrofoam some of the walls were made of, andhe asked me to stop doing that. Earlier in the dream, I was having grouptherapy with both of my parents and my old psychologist (I was, for a time,seeing a psychologist, at Debb's urging), and was talking about my relationshipwith them with him. He was, I believe, Orthodox and observant, and he was makingjokes with my mom about Jesus and the messiah during a break in the conversation.I pronounced the hebrew version of the word messiah, and he said he neverlearned Hebrew, so I started talking Yiddish to him.

Yes, strange dream. Yesteday night, I dreamed I was going to a circus with anobservant Orthodox family, and they were talking about where my (dream) powerscame from, god or elsewhere. It was a long conversation.

I don't understand why my dreams have so much of that topic in them. Maybeliving in Squirrel Hill is really rubbing off on me. Next thing you know,maybe I'll be wearing my Yarmulke around :) Heh.

So, this weekend I went to visit my parents, and it actually was mostly ok.Decent food, some conversation, etc. I almost got a guitar, but while wewere in the store, I decided I wasn't really sure I wanted one. I reallymight want some other instrument instead, so I'd best wait until I knowwhat I want. Piano? Harp? Perhaps another String Bass.. It was nice playingon my parents piano when I was there.. I think what puts me off about guitarsis that the strings are so close together.. matching the hands on the rightstring to produce the desired notes is a pain.. but I'd probably get used tothat if I played around on it enough.. ehh.

I borrowed a lot of music from my parents.. going to take awhile to sortthrough and find the stuff I want. It's nice having new things to listen to.My parents also gave me a spare couch, leaving me a choice between tossingthe old couch (which, thanks to Wally having torn at it a lot, is kind ofragged), or putting them next to each other, allowing me to nicelyhave a few more guests over. My current living room, with the two desksseperate, is optimized for (optionally 2-person) studying. Hmm.We failed to locate my passport when I was there.. so I guess I'll just applyfor a new one. The old one was probably expired anyhow. I apparently just needto visit a post office to handle all the paperwork.

I had a nice, long visit with my Grandparents too. We talked about a lot ofthings, sat near their lake, and fed the giant catfish my Grandpa put in.It was very pleasant and peaceful. I really like it there. I really like thatabout their house -- I always feel at peace there. We had dinner at theMacaroni Grill.. Yum.They don't have those around here.

Finally, last night I arrived back in Squirrel Hill around 10:40, headingright to Coffee Tree. There I met up with some friends and talked for awhile.One of the people who works there was being, I thought, a bit strange,suggesting that a brand of tea I don't normally get would be the best Earl GreyI'd ever have. I didn't care too much, and let him go get it out of thecabinet. Much to my surprise, it really was much better than any other EarlGrey I've had in memory, and I was instantly made a fan of the stuff. Laterthat night, I swung by the supermarket and got several boxes of the stuff.He had gone into some spiel about why it was better -- something about howthey used higher quality leaves so they didn't need to use oils to mask theleaf quality issues like other Earl Grey tea did. *shrug* It's quite good,and that's what matters. In case you're curious, it's "Twinnings of London"that makes the stuff.

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