Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Attack of the Ninja Morris Dancers

I've been thinking.. when I'm eating oranges, and peeling apart the slices,it's like a little callosotomy.. Anyhow, I think I might have found mynext Cellphone -- the Treo 600. It's a PalmOS-basedcellphone, with a keyboard, a builtin (crappy) camera that I don't careabout, and the ability to run webbrowsers and ssh clients. This would bevery handy -- I would love to be able to check my email from anywhere.It also has replacable ringtones. I might wait awhile to buy it though --I've spent too much money on toys recently, and my current phone is doingokay. As part of due diligence, I've found a list of complaints about thedevice here.

  • Poor pants attachment - My Timeport connects very nicely to my pants. The new phone might not. :(
  • Screen hard to read in daylight - Timeport's screen is a simple LED, but is very easy to read... :(
  • No omnipresent time display - Another downer. Probably fixable w/ software though.
  • Small keyboard - Maybe not a big deal
  • Bad camera - Ehh... don't plan on using it.

Perhaps, unless I find myself getting hold of a great deal of spare moneysoon that I don't decide to invest, by the time I get it the next model willbe around that'll deal with these issues in some way. I probably should getan external USB harddrive for my laptop first anyhow. Hmm.

Back to work..

Tags: tech

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