Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Milk We Drank

Last weekend, when I was visiting my grandparents, my grandma mentionedsomething that explained a long curiosity of mine. I easily get racooneyes -- dark circles under both of my eyes that make it look like I wasin a fight. They come out if I've just woken up, am tired, or have justexercised a bit, and are there a bit all the time. She gets them too, asdoes my mom, who uses make-up to cover it up. It's apparently tied todairy products -- if I give up dairy, I can eliminate the problem. That'ssuch a high cost though... Perhaps my doctor will know of an alternative.

In January, N and I are taking a 3-week trip to Europe! The tickets arepurchased..

17:3 10 Jan 2005 to Amsterdam 10:00 (local time)12:45 31 Jan 2005 to 21:1 Pittsburgh (local time)

In the current plans:Opera (The Magic Flute)France: Skiing, perhaps snowboarding (I hope to learn first), hitting Paris, visiting her family, and anywhere else she wants to visitGermany: Berlin (architecture, historical sites), Bavaria (tourism)Switzerland: More skiingPoland: Auschwitz (perhaps)

No doubt as we have ideas, things will fill in more. This is going to be areally great life experience. I am pleased to find that in Squirrel Hill,the post office can renew my passport and handle all the photography andsimilar. I'm not sure if I'll need to do expedited paperwork or not (costsextra money, might be worth it)..

I'm spending a lot of time running experiments nowadays.. I'm actually at theBIRC right now. It's pretty cool.


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