Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Surreal Physicality

There are some setbacks for gays and people who believe in ending heterosexualprivilege in the news today.. The governor of New Jersey has announced thathe is gay, and that he has been cheating on his wife with some guy. He'sstepping down next month. Not exactly good PR -- it's possible to have nice,calm, stable relationships between people of the same gender, but the masseswill no doubt fixate on people being gay as a fear for existing relationships,and make it off to be a threat to their way of life even more. We can see theGOP attempting to capitalize on it already, calling for his immediateresignation. Oy. And then the expected happened -- the gay marriages in Caliwere all annulled. It's going to be a long struggle to abolish thisproblematic privilege.

The new server arrived at work. Penguin Computing packs some nice goodieswith systems they ship, and their systems also look really cool. Unfortunately,the system I got is also kind of loud. It's intended for rack use, so itfigures.. I'm downloading Feodra/AMD64 ISOs right now.

Here is an interesting paper discussing group selection and what it meansto modern evolutionary theory. It's basically the last thing read to concludea long discussion last night that started on the topic of science, its practice,and its meaning, at the coffee tree. My argument was that genes, and especiallymemes, both are part of group selection, acting as another fabric on whichselective theory can work. The paper suggested that my terms (but not somuch my ideas) were sloppy, in particular, thinking of individual and groupselection as being binary seperators for selective theory. Most interesting --I wish I could remember every detail of that conversation. Oh well.

My birth certificate is no longer in my possession. Reason? I went to take careof the paperwork today for my passport, and they apparently take the birthcertificate and mail it in with the rest of the stuff. My passport photo didn'tturn out too well either. Oh well. I guess in about a month, I'll be able toleave the United States. Concerns? I guess I need to figure out what to do withthe Iguana...

Tags: politics, science, work

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