Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stretched Time

Right now, I'm listening to a very addictive song that I finally managed toidentify from fragmented memories of hearing it a few times at India Garden.It's called "Maahi Ve", and is part of a Baliwood musical, "Kol Ho Naa Ho".Despite having just gotten 3 new CDs this weekend to listen to, all I reallywant to listen to is this... again and again. Makes it worse that all I haveis a low-quality sound file that I spirited out of a realaudio stream. I hopeI can find a good MP3 or similar of it. I might actually get the musical onDVD though.. it looks like it might be good.

This was a wonderful weekend. N and I did rock climbing, then went to thearts fest, and while there, decided to go to Columbus to see Outland. It wasa lot of fun.. Dance, meeting with friends, and other good stuff. Hurrah.Ahh, yes, the CDs... I picked up Zappa's "Freak Out!", Eels' "Souljacker",and a sampler collection of Arab music. It's interesting comparing the laterto Sephardi and Klezmer, and in fact Sephardi and Klezmer to each other.One observation: Klezmer is like Eastern European folk music in themeasure-to-measure analysis, but the larger scale structures show more of theSemitic roots, which are common with Sephardic and Arab music. I think I couldget really into Arab music, although it remains to be seen if it ever willovertake Punjabi music in my scales :)

I'm doing some long-neglected cleaning of house, financially, locatingexpenses that are for things that I don't need, and hoping to eliminate them.I'm thinking about getting rid of my ages-old APKNet account, and am tryingto switch over all my email usage from to ...Hopefully I'll be able to remember all the places that old address is usedbefore I cancel :)

I'm losing weight again.. down to 165 at last check. Hmm.

Apparently, sometime after I got back home this morning, I must've spokenwith my sister about a particular area of my life. I do not remember this, butmy phone says I talked to her, and I might have a dim memory of having done so.Apparently, she spoke to my mom, who called me up and wanted to ask questions.I, na klar, didn't want to talk about said topic with my mom -- while Ioccasionally have shared some information, I feel very uncomfortable wheninformation is asked for from them. My mom doesn't seem to understand this.Perhaps it's an unfair demand to put on her, that she listen but not ask. Ireally need, I think, to have a more clear policy of disclose or not discloseto my parents, defaulting to the latter until/unless I'm ready to be prettyopen with them about topics. I dunno, I'm not sure I'm being unfair, but Icertainly can understand why my mom gets frustrated with that.

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