Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dustpan Whirlwind

It's time to clean... everything. Everything must be cleaned. Car. Apartment.I want to get some running in today too.

Here's something that managed to slip out of my brain just now.

They call me Sari. I came to Mellowville University in my second year,having transferred from Dales Theological University. Those who know me mightwonder how I survived at Dales, a highly religious school. What they'd failto understand is that I'm not anti-religious -- far from it!They suggested I leave Dales because I was fascinated with the role of creation in religion.. well, maybe too fascinated. I spent a lot of thefirst few months there in the library, reading as much as I could aboutcomparitive religion, which they were okay with. The problem, as they see it,was what came next. Eventually I decided it wasn't enough to read about suchthings, and so I started to write them. I spent many months writing a collectionof new creation stories, and eventually began to extend some of them into new moral teachings, new histories, and new religions. My first-year project,which was what ultimately got me the boot, was a well-researched, new faith andbelief system, with its own morals, ethics, and customs, all in the form of an80-page paper. It didn't go over too well. I write to you by the advice ofDr Nancia Gomez, hoping that you will find my application to the Fine Arts program acceptable. I have provided samples of my work in deposit box #1231.Sincerely,
Sariah Newcomb


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