Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Resplendent Shuritai

Ahh, my car is clean, with items recovered back from not long after Ifirst got it. Among the things recovered:

  • My first expensive pen that my Dad got me about 7 years ago. Had been lost for probably 4 years. I thought it had been stolen.
  • A vet bill for Frank, an Iguana from my past
  • A check (now very faded) from a publishing company for doing an internal review of a book proposal. I'm proud of that check.
  • A long-lost part of one of my couches that, missing, kept the couch prone to falling apart if you lean against it the wrong way. Now in said couch, which is now stable for the first time since it entered my possession
  • A few weird coins that I collected at one point
  • A fork from the large collection of silverware my parents gave me sometime in the past
  • Some shirts
  • Massive numbers of quarters, kept in car but gathered into 1 spot for parking or use of toll roads

The only cost is that I cut my hands cleaning out some glass shards that Iapparently didn't completely get out last time. Ouch!

Meanwhile, N and K are out of town, having a blast. I'm a bit jealous athow their travels are described so far. :)

Now to go running, and perhaps philosophy gathering afterwards.


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