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Pat Gunn

Shortage of Poetry, Despair!

Dieses Wochenende war ein Reunion fur meine Muttis Familie. After doing abit of housecleaning, I promptly forgot the music CD I had burned for thetrip, hopped in the car, and drove over to Brecksville.. As the secondsuch gathering, I had a decent idea what to expect, and it really wasn'tthat bad. We had a repeat of Badminton, and as before, I had a really goodtime, diving for everything I might possibly catch. We're all completelyhorrible at it, but that actually makes it better -- it wouldn't be the sameif some of us were decent :) On average, if it came into our personal space,each of us had a 30% chance of hitting it, 20% chance of hitting it backover the net. I might be above par, but by no means am decent. All my divingto the ground has me nice and sore today. There were massive amounts of food(which I went light on, except for cake .. hehe), and the rumours that everyoneon that side of the family is very loud is .. quite true. Ouch. I had somequiet moments... a nice nap on a lawn chair after badminton... interrupted bysomeone dunking ice water on me because I "looked so peaceful", and a nicequiet canoe trip in the lake.. prevented by someone docking the canoeincorrectly and it tipping over when I was pulling away from the dock, dunkingme, my magazine, and my cellphone into the murky shore water. After some qualitytime with a hair-dryer, my cellphone stopped malfunctioning, and after beinghosed down and a change of clothes, I stopped smelling like lake bottom mud.I am also now sunburned. Ahh, it's not so bad. Apparently my Dad has lost alot of weight since being diagnosed with diabetes -- he's now my weight, andhis pant size and my pant size are the same. The downside is that all my sparekhakis have been mixed in with his, and there's no telling the difference.The upside is that I was able to take some of that massive collection of pants,some of which I'm sure I never owned, back with me. This is good -- I've managedto avoid spending money on clothes for awhile, and some of them are really verynice.

I had a conversation with a relative about working in business, and how he oncewas moderately high up the corporate ladder in a company he liked, stayed for15 years, and that over time it stopped feeling like a family and more like abusiness, eventually having him fire people when their aged hands could nolonger produce things as fast. He now works for a small town doing all sortsof random work, and is happy. Another conversation, over the phone, remarked athow, somewhere else, more of a human factor is provided for people, notrequiring them to be inhuman cogs in a machine. Specifically, a secretary waspermitted to ask someone waiting to wait a moment longer because they wereexasperated by answering a particularly long and irritating phone call. Thishuman factor is important, and just like finding concern for the planet, we mustfind room for people to breathe in our society. Wearing this tight corset atwork ruins both that time and wastes the time when it comes off and we mustrecover.

I miss her. Looking forward to when she gets back...

I've been thinking philosophically, but on a topic which is sensitive enougha taboo in this society that I'm not going to talk about it on here. Basically,I'm attempting to question/justify/weigh/judge the taboo, temporarily settingaside the inculturation on the topic. You, dear reader, will likely never readanything about what I have to say on this topic, or any other similar topics.

I keep wishing I had a band, because I'd love to attempt some improvisation onsome tunes I hear to play with their characteristics. For example, the theme tothe movie Beetlejuice (done by Danny Elfman) is beautifully orchestral andexciting, brings impressions of flourescent fingers moving in the dark. For theBeetlejuice cartoon, an alternate version was written that makes it lessorchestral, essentially snipping out all the buildup-material and expanding abit the musical climax. It cheapens the music a bit, true, but when mixing itwith other music on a mix cd, the fact that it starts out 'high' means thatit's easier to mix with other high-energy-weird songs, where the original startsand ends mellow. I enjoy the original as music to appreciate better, but theother is better when I want musical candy. Speaking of which, the CD I got ofArab music is quite good. I'm ready to go for some more specific stuff now, Ithink.

On the agenda for today... clean my apartment some more, *perhaps* go climbing,figure out some more things for my old workplace that they asked about, andperhaps do some sit-ups and/or go running. I definitely will also be heading tothe sink every so often to put some more water on my sunburned face to aid itsrecovery (it doesn't hurt, although it does feel odd).

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