Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Attack of the Blank CDs

I have large numbers of unlabeled CDs in my apartment.I am attempting to correct the situation -- popping them into mycomputer, attempt to mount them as filesystems, and if that fails,attempt to play them with the music player. I am learning something aboutmy computing habits that's bad. I often pack blank CDs into jewel cases,2 or 3 to a case, with the intent that if I'm traveling somewhere with mylaptop and need to give someone a CD, I can burn one on the spot. Problem is,I eventually apparently take these blank CDs OUT OF THE LAPTOP BAG AND FORGETABOUT THEM. I then occasionally think that it's a good idea again, and repeat.Result: Piles of jewel cases with blank CDs stuffered into them, except witha few that actually do have some data on them. Solution? I take little stripsof orange paper and put them in these jewel cases to notify me that they'reblank, so I can grab them when I might need to burn a CD. Imagine how irritatingit would be if we needed to walk over to natural containers, like cups, to seeif they're full or empty, rather than be able to tell by looking. Oy.

I just remembered parts of last night's dreams. I was again in the twistedapartment in dark Columbus, and I was .. busy.. doing something. Carryingpaperwork around, I think. I wonder if my dreams really are starting to convergeon these familiar strange places for some reason, or if I just find it morememorable when they do. Hmm.. Then again, the first time I saw the twistedversion of my old apartment in Shadyside, it was very memorable, so it's atleast not habituation of that kind of familiar, although it may be thefamiliarity of it in terms of how it links to real-life familiar that savesthat idea. Hmm..

Sree is having an anniversary party that he was handing out invites to,today. I'm not sure if I'll go -- it's 5 hours, but I don't know if a giftis appropriate (the situation is a bit odd in American culture, and I don'tknow enough about Indian culture to even wager a guess that way), and Ialso don't know where it is. On the other hand, I do like Sree -- I eat athis truck and/or restaurant most days, and it might be fun.

This Arab music is fantastic! Unfortunately, the Zappa CD may be a dud, andwhile I like the eels CD, I don't think this one in particular was one oftheir better CDs. Oh well...


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