Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Lazy Cleaning

I'm doing more apartment cleaning, this time focusing on the mass of thingsI brought home and dumped in the back room from my old office. Here'ssomething odd from Carnegie-Mellon's drug policy:

The university cannot deny access to its property to properly constituted lawenforcement agents. Therefore, activity involving the unlawful use or saleof drugs by one student may also, by bringing law enforcement agents to thecampus, risk compromising the privacy of the academic community


Although the university does not assume the responsibility of acting as anarm of the law, members of the academic community have no immunity fromenforcement of the law.

Hmm. Also, I apparently vest in my retirement plan in about a year. That'skind of cool. As of right now, without vesting, my retirement account is onlyworth about 4k, but with the portions requiring vesting, I have a bit over11k waiting. Hmm... not actually that much money, but it beats a stick inthe eye.. mhh.. that expression didn't work so well. Oh well.

I dreamed that I bumped into one of my experimental subjects today outsideof work.. I wasn't sure if its appropriate to say hi to them, or pretendthat I don't know them. Actually, I guess I do sometimes bump into them,and it's kind of strange for me. I think I've collected enough small talktopics that I can manage the trip with someone I know nothing about withouttoo much discomfort. Of course, it's nicer yet when I find at least somethingin common with them.. and at least a few of them are other psych researchers,guaranteeing several things to talk about. One thing that strikes me asinteresting is that the volunteer rate for the experiments is much higher forfemales than males. I wonder what's behind this -- different inculturation,probably. Females and Males are pretty much identical to run (although femalesneed to take a mandatory preg test first), but I also worry about externalvalidity when we have so many more women than men in the experiments -- itwould be nice to have some more males to balance it out. Still.. what is itabout Jane Random that makes her more likely to volunteer than Joe Random?More curiosity about her brain? More time to spare? Maybe many of the womenin my experiments know each other and suggest it to each other? Maybe, at CMU,women read Usenet (where I post the advertisements) more often? That remindsme, I should probably start a mailing list for people interested in beingsubjects. Heck, maybe even for the department.

Apparently, Orkut's codebase is actually used forother things now -- I got an invite to CMUFacebook, just forCMU folk. It's not actually that great a site, and you need a CMU email addressto get in... good combo, exclusive and uninteresting. Oh well :)

I've also been getting a new kind of sickening spam recently. These thingsseem to go in 'fads' among spammers.. either that, or new spammers enter thescene who specialize on a particular kind of disturbing sexual act, and keepspamming until they're cut off. They're set against a backdrop of regular spam,which is more mainstream, and often for non-porn things.

I suspect my phone did suffer a bit from the dunking -- it works out okoutside my apartment, but inside, it keeps dropping to analog mode,being unable to send or recieve messages. Frustrating!

Anyhow, this is another journal entry where I've gone to sleep in themiddle -- it's now actually morning.


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