Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

GNUStep Lockstep

The GNUStep project actually made something. I'm surprised to see that after all the years, they finally have something to show, and looking at the demo, it appears they managed to capture some of the stuff that was wonderful about programming for NeXTStep. I'll probably download their demo CD, and if it's well done, I might see if I can find any of my ancient code archives and/or start programming in ObjC again to see how much I like it after all these years. I am thrilled that one of their project goals is to reach full API compatibility with ObjC code under OSX - it would pave the way for neat applications from OSX to run on Linux with little more than a recompile. Their webpage says that they're working on making available OsiriX, a biometical imaging/analysis suite I love, on their implementation. I'm also interested in playing with their window manager, comparing it with WindowMaker. Alas, this must wait until tomorrow, as I am exhausted.

Tags: programming

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