Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Finger Glue

When old, can a spider's legs still hold a wall?Can the ravages of time seperate them from their natural element?Alas, no, or if so,just for a moment.The next to hold the banner moveas the shadows and stainmark the last touch of wintermelting into the soil.

I just ordered what looks to be a fantastic and obscure music CD --Tuvan throat singing, in the form of Huun Huur Tu's 60 Voices in my Herd: OldSongs and Tunes of Tuva. Much to my surprise, a review of the CD tells usthat they at one type collaborated with Frank Zappa (!), and that one of thesongs on the CD is intended as a tribute to him. As usual, I got it now becauseI usually get something extra when I buy something that's mostly functional onAmazon, in this case a nice scale that I'll be using to keep track of myweight and body fat.

In case you haven't met your weird quotient for the week, click here.


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