Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Band-aid stump

Sometimes, when maintaining software, one comes across a bug that turns outto be because of a fundamental misdesign. These bugs are often hard to fix.One is given at least two paths to follow here -- one can either apply aband-aid or redesign the software to do the right thing. The first can seemquite appealing sometimes, but the time savings it promises actually don'toften materialize -- special cases often need to be propogated all throughoutthe software, and leave little marks of shame for the future maintainers of thecode. Personally, I love nice, clean, well-designed code, and I find itfrustrating when I see the band-aids. I usually rip the software apart andredo the broken parts so everything fits right. Today I did some of this, andended up fixing a number of other broken bits.

Oh, I'm playing with Mozilla Firefox. Again. It's kind of quirky, but it'sinteresting. Hmm.

Tags: programming

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