Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Pinecone Outreach

It can be a very intricate process, to attempt to really understand someoneelse's philosophy when it differs from one's own enough. Foreign definitions,different ideas accepted or rejected, different ideas of temptations,noble thoughts versus dangerous or harmful ones. It can, however, be veryrewarding, both when you really care about the person and for the process ofunderstanding and growth. These conversations can really change one's's inner life, anyhow.

To mention it again, I have spare gmail accounts. Seems like a lot of otherpeople do too, and are mentioning it. They might as well make it public,unless they're actually studying how gmail accounthood spreads. Anyhow, emailme, and I'll give you one of them. You don't even need to know me. In case youhaven't been following, it's like Yahoo mail, except you get 1 gig of it,a slightly confusing interface, and nice searching capability.

Yesterday, there was another meeting going through the IRB process for thepsych department, but not long after it started, they started having equipmentfailures. At first, the projector didn't work, and then not long afterwards,half the lights went out. After about 10 minutes of only having a singlespotlight in the middle of the room (everyone else in the dark), that light wentout as well. Imagine half of a psychology department sitting in the middle of avery large, dark room listening to someone who is struggling to read theirslides by what little light comes through the doorway.. Eventually they calledoff the meeting, and will reschedule soon. It turns out that all of campus lostpower at that time. Feh. At least it provided a good excuse to finish moving allmy group's servers to the new machine room I cleared out.

I keep having strange dreams, of conversations that never happened, of politicsand philosophy and daily life. I recently have felt that I have aged severalmonths with each time I fall asleep, so much new information, new experiences,between the closing and opening of eyes.


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