Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Ginseng Incentive

Among yesterday's purchases was a nice stand for burning incense. No longershall I burn the carpet by wedging sticks into places where they fall as theyrebalance. I will also, hopefully, be able to remove said parts of burned carpetwithout things being noticably different.

On Friday, N and I saw the film Hero. It was quite good -- right from thestart, the visuals were fantastic, and kept me interested until the characterdevelopment and story (well, stories) really grabbed me. I admire the way thefilm explored a nonlinear plot in several interesting ways. The music wasfantastic as well, and the message of the film, and the depth of understandingthat the 'Hero' underwent near the end, and the decision he made, is a lessonthat too few people could do. I still don't understand the very last decisionpoint of the film -- its message is lost on me. Rule of law, perhaps? It wasnontheless a beautiful film, a masterpiece. I just hope I haven't providedenough info to spoil those of you who have not yet seen it. After the film,an interesting conversation about culture and awakenings that became incrediblydeep occured, which I wrote about already.

We just saw "The Hunting of the President", which was pretty good, roughly onpar with S911, and thus not as good as The Corporation. It didn't tryto be as funny as either, pretty much a straight political documentary on ascheme to destroy Clinton. One of the problems that I have in believing itis that I don't see why it couldn't be just as falsified as the reports itpoints out were used to destroy Clinton -- my skeptical mind makes me wonder ifit's just the mirror image of what it reveals. I believe it to be largelytrue in rough detail -- I've retrieved from other sources some of the facts ituses to build its argument. It's hard to know much to trust such politicalfilms. As N noted, schmucks like Bill O'Reilly draw on largely true things tobe unhappy about to stir the emotions of the masses, and once they'vebecome upset (perhaps justifiably), delivering the payload of conservativedrivel is easy. Ahh, what a thing to realize.

Oh, yes, for Europe, we also got snowboarding stuff at a big annual sale today. I now have a board, boots, and a good pair of snowpants. I have not yetsnowboarded, but I believe I will like it. This board will accompany me on thetrip to Europe. I do need to work on seriously saving money now though, forthe New York trip is in less than a month, and then there's the likely fairlyexpensive 3-week trip to Europe.

Right now, I feel loved, and I'm sitting at the Coffee Tree, listening tosome Ani DiFranco music (as part of a random rotation through my large amountof new music that I need to classify/decide what to do with). Random peoplejust walked by talking about politics, which makes me happy. I live in a nicearea, in that people are interested and understand international issues. I amdrinking tea, and have some caramel-chocolate cake waiting for me to gethungry enough to eat it (it and I have been here for about an hour). I have abook from the 1920s, holding Gulliver's Travels and Baron Munchausen, sittingon the table should my interest go that way. The day is young, and noone,friend or foe, has yet demanded any of my attention.

My work on the new BLOG software is going nicely. The software can now, barely,display wiki entries that are already in the database, always serving up thecurrent version of the page (with some subroutines ready to display olderversions on request). Markup is kind of working on one side, but needs tohave CSS written to make things right (I plan to use CSS for absolutelyeverything, ideally using very little different than DIV, IMG, A HREF,and possibly FONT tags, using CSS attributes to handle everything else. I hopeI can stick to this ideal.

Ahh, after hearing a bit more, I find that the band "No Doubt" is very muchto my liking. One of the nice things about weekend holidays.. they make boththe previous week nicer (something to look forward to) and the later weeknicer (shorter). I like work too, so it's not that big an effect for me.


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