Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Unburnt Incense Offering

My new incense stand is working out very well. I think I'm going to beusing a lot more incense in the future.

I have a pair of strange dreams that I'm just going to record here formyself. One is ... weird in a possibly sensitive way, the other is.. different. Sorry.

(section not shown)

Yesterday, on the way back from Coffee Tree, I, as usual, stopped to checkmy pulse, blood pressure, and weight on the public machines. The machine nowclaims that my weight is 154 pounds. This is strange, but I suspect thatthe machine isn't working quite right -- a few weeks ago it thought I was 180.Then again, using someone else's scale showered me at 160 about a week ago. Ithink what I really should conclude is that I have no idea what the heck Iweigh right now, but if consensus of 2 independent scales means anything, I'mprobably closer to 160 than 180. My new scale should be waiting for me at worktomorrow, I think. I guess maybe it might be that depending on how much waterI've had, when I've eaten, and last used the restroom, maybe my weight reallycan vary significantly, but 25 pounds seems a bit much. Chances are good thatI'll put my weight readings on my BLOG, and will do them daily, just for laughs.Why not? :)

Dubin is thinking, perhaps jokingly, about gathering a few of old friendstogether bacn in Cowtown for a grand political debate, and is trying tobalance right and left in this (theoretical?) meeting. Marf is amused thatI now might be called leftist.

At the risk of terrible lameness, I am preparing to clear the spare partitionon my laptop and put Windows on it because I want to try out Second-Life.Yes, Eric, you've convinced me to give it a try. It may be that my laptop'svideo card isn't good enough, in which case Windows will be swiftly removed.

  • sigh* So much for purity.
I'm reading "Secret Origins of the Bible", which is a slightly popularizedversion of the traditional biblical scholarship, attempting to understandhow Judaism came out of its parent religions through textual analysis andhistorical information. It's interesting, but I have a tough time acceptingarguments on post-facto data. That's the nature of history though, and thestory he paints seems more plausible than Judaism being invented without suchinfluences, I just wonder how much the details can be trusted.

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