Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fingers on the Ground

I had another scan/subject not work out today. It's very frustrating --it's a lot of effort to put together a run of an experiment, and when itdoesn't happen, all that is wasted, plus studies are pushed back, whichmakes me look bad. It would be wonderful if people wouldn't cancel, or,even worse, just not show up and leave me waiting around at the meetingplace before I drive back home and bike back to work. Argh. Oh well, whenit comes to frustrations in life, this isn't as bad as a lot of peoplehave. I guess there's always the temptation to judge and feel frustrationaccording to what we experience in daily life, not in perspective to howbig the needs arn't being met are. All I really lose is some time, effort,and possibly some job respect. Could be worse.

My scale arrived today, and I finally can accurately figure out my weightand body fat. My first measurement, at 17:50 today, put me at 165.4 pounds (sansclothes), with 10% body fat. Not bad.

I'm looking to switch cell phone companies. Verizon has been pretty good tome, but my phone is increasingly erratic after the lake dunking, and if I'mto get a new phone, I want to get one that will last me for years. There isa chance I'll want to move to Europe for good. I don't know when, norreally even *if*, but if/when I do, I'm going to want to be using GSM insteadof CDMA. That way, if/when I move to Europe, I can just pop in a new SIM cardthat I'd get from a European phone carrier, and be up and running there.In an ideal world, the GSM/CDMA radios would be removable and swappable betweenphones, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Oh well. Yes, I'm still lookingat the Palmone Treo line of phones, perhaps the Treo 650 (coming out next month).

I installed Windows (dual-boot, of course) on my laptop so I could runSecond Life. It doesn't run -- it just crashes. I don't know if my laptopdoesn't have the RAM (possible), if my video card is inadequate (the forumssuggest that others are using the same kind that I am), or if their serversare being flakey (apparently they often are). I can, at this point, enter thegame, but when I start to turn around, or even turn very far in any direction,the game crashes. *sigh*.

Anyhow, back to looking at GSM cell service providers in the United States..I found a list of providers at the GSM Consortium's website.Let's first establish the basis of comparison. I'm currently using Verizonon a plan that I don't think is still offered -- The DigitalChoice 350, whichworks out to be about $50/month, with 350 normal-time minutes. I don't comeat all close to using my limit.


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