Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fictional Learnings

Those of us who have seen the movie Party Monster will be amused to find thatthere's a case of life imitating art in the recent news. MacauliCulkin has been arrested for drug possession.

Recently I've been listening to music from the musical Moulin Rouge.It's quite good, but also different from most musicals. As I understand it,musicals use kind of a bastard musical style (being a mix of pop style andopera style/format). MR takes it from being a halfbreed to being a quarterbreed,mixing literal excerpts from the most well-known of pop music into its songs,or doing musical covers of some of them. There's a song darin, Material Girl,that's a reworking of the Madonna song.

I'm still trying to decide on my new cell service provider. Apparently, themajor GSM providers I could use are Cingular, ATT, and T-Mobile. Cingular getsgood marks for service coversage, but doesn't (!!) cover Pittsburgh innon-roaming mode. Fortunately, Consumer Reports has a decent amount ofpointers I can use to make a reasonable choice. Still figuring it out, butperhaps ATT is where I'll go. In any case, I'm going to wait for the treo 650..

Come what may...

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