Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cells of Gaia

Mount Tethys is abandoned, the Titans gone, leaving only the old guestsbecome residents. Primal forces watch from their guest huts, some havingtaken the grander homes of their children, all the time watching Olympus fade,slow grey mist covering and entombing Zeus lost domain. A card bet, a singlegame lost, against a trickster, a mental equal to the physicality of Heracles.Won? A guarantee of emptiness. Gaia sits in pavilion centre, some of herchildren around her, spreading arms across the earth, points too fine fortweezers.

Wikipedia is holding a fundraiser. They have about$9k out of a hopeful $50k. Go donate, for Wikipedia is one of the most importantthings humanity has made (Yes, I'm serious).

I was disappointed to find that the recent deluge and flood appears to be nearto putting Srees out of business -- itapparently flooded his Sharpsburgh store, where his kitchen is, and he lacks thefunds to replace it all or to move completely into the Squirrel Hill storefront.For now, he's borrowing a kitchen from a church, but there's a good chance theflood will close him for good. The same flood has closed the bottom floor ofthe psych building in which I work at CMU, and made the main floor smelllike mouldy carpet. Yuck.

A friend recently apparently had a discussion with an art professor, who opinedthat art that is disturbing is not art, specifically that art is sacred andshould elevate. That's such a disturbingly narrow idea of art. I guess, tolinguistically analyse it, it's not the definition being narrow that's theproblem, but rather how the borders that are drawn interact with other presumedterms (e.g. funding for the arts, automatic social approval for art,acceptability within typical art contexts, etc). If one were to say, call artthat is not uplifting and sacred, anti-art, and methodically include it in allof the above, then perhaps the cruciality of the definition would be lessened.So ideally, we wouldn't need to fuss about definitions because they are, afterall, fluid and arbitrary. However, when they play a structured role and arereferenced by other things that tie to action, then we can't be quite ashands-off.

Apparently, online gamblers have another thing to worry about...Sounds like an interesting playground -- competition between human experts,novices, and all varieties of bots.

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