Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Quiz for the Masses

Here's a little pop quiz. I would hope that you, my readers, will do well.I ask you how well the average American would do, how well your closeassociates (family, coworkers, etc), and how well the average European woulddo. Interpret what meaning from that you may. It's a short-answer quiz. If youfeel you did badly, go ahead and look up the answers -- you'll learn someimportant things about the world.

  1. Who is Kofi Annan?
  2. What was the conflict between Mao Tse-tsung and Chiang Kai-Shek about? What third faction represented by neither ended up eliminated when their conflict was resolved?
  3. Describe some significant differences Buddhism and Hinduism
  4. What role did Mahatma Ghandi play in the independence movement in India?
  5. Distinguish the religion, political tactics, and ends of Martin Luther King Junior and Malcolm X
  6. Name the two major factions of Islam and the historical origin of conflict between them
  7. What was the Boxer rebellion?
  8. Contrast feudalism and capitalism
  9. Who is Margaret Thatcher and what is she known for?
  10. What is the role of a political party in politics?
  11. Compare the British colonization of the American colonies with British colonization of India
  12. Who were the roundheads?
  13. Who were the Hugenots, and after their flight, identify one place many settled
  14. Who was Idi Amin?
  15. Compare three different dating systems used in the world today and their origins
  16. Describe 3 differences between Inca and Maya civilization
  17. Describe the origins of the renaissance in science (15th century) in Europe
  18. Describe 2 significant differences and similarities between Roman and Greek civilization
  19. Name three groups that were persecuted in the German regimes during World War Two
  20. Describe how Prussian influence shaped the German state
  21. Who was Louis Pasteur?
  22. What is Dada?

Enjoy. Feel free to print it out, pass it around, and see how well people youknow do. As some of the questions are open-ended, I'm not providing answers.As a further suggestion, make up a similar list for your BLOGs that seem tocover your idea of world knowledge. What biases do you see in my quiz?


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