Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Porcine Forked Tongue

I've been getting a lot of fake news spam recently. It's really designed tobe interestingly titled to get peoples attention -- "Bin Laden found hung","Bush assassinated", and similar. The last one looked startlingly real, andI found myself really thinking with mixed feelings about the "news", wonderingwhat to think if it were true. Unfortunately, I think it would be seen as avictory for the conservatives -- it would both put Cheney in power, andinspire knee-jerk positive reaction towards his party and cause if he wereto die from that cause... a martyr effect. Nontheless, from what he's done,I don't think it would be a clearly undeserved fate.

Yesterday was a fun day -- N and I went out, first to get me a nice suitfor the Opera in New York and Europe (worked out pretty well -- I gotnice shoes, a new tie, the suit proper, and it all came out slightly under$500. Not bad at all. We then went out with her father to a really niceFrench restaurant -- La Foret, and each had a 5-course dinner. It was one ofthe best meals I've had in my life -- definitely within the top 10. I openedwith Tuna, moved on to Gazpacho soup, Duck, and closed with a cheese selection.Incredible!

Unfortunately, with recent expenses, a number of one-off expenses relating togetting sporting stuff, getting towed, getting a suit, and all that, I'mactually completely out of money until payday. I have perhaps $15 in my wallet,and a very large number of quarters, and $60 left in available credit on mycredit card (ouch!), but even that $60 is already necessary to keep aroundpay for a replacement part for some computer hardware I have that hasn'tshipped yet. I might need to dip into my savings again for a few minor expensesnext week. *sigh* I hate doing that. Still, I don't anticipate more expenseslike that anytime soon. I suspect I'll be eating in for awhile though, despitemy hankering for India Garden tonight.

Mmm... Yitzhak Perlman..

I suspect I'm going to be spending the rest of today doing things for work(from home) and cleaning my apartment. I've been thinking about it, and withsome encouragement from N, I've decided that a lot of the less-useful thingsI have can and should go. Empty is beautiful.


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