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Pat Gunn

Canis sanitorium

Apparently there's a new worm going around the internet, a variety of theBeagle worm. It takes the form of mails from a friend that have a subjectthat says "Thank You", or "Hi", or "Hello", or perhaps no subject. Thecontent is usually a smiley face, with an attachment that SHOULD NOT BECLICKED ON. Usually it's a PIF or an executable, and when clicked, itmails itself to everyone in the victim's address book. Needless to say,I now have hundreds of copies of the thing in my mailbox because I'm ina lot of address books. Anyhow, be careful! And, as is always wise, keepthe latest antivirus software installed -- they can usually catch wormstoo if they're very current. Symantec updated their signatures today.

On Wikipedia, I managed to offend a hacker .. well, no, a self-proclaimedtroll group. They basically have a self-aggrandizing vanity entry in theencyclopedia, and arn't really notable enough for an entry, so I proposedthe article for deletion. The debate is still raging in the VfD, andI went to talk to them on their IRC server, but that didn't go well --they display the same kind of mentality that the hacker groups I usedto associate with in elementary and middle school had (although with lessjustification -- these people don't appear to actually have any uniqueskills), and they've "declared war" on me. So far they've targeted my pagethere, my BLOG, and the like. Fortunately, for people who really know howcomputers work, it's not really anything more than a minor nuisance. If I hadmore time, it would almost be cute -- they really are a lot less of a botherthan a hacker group would be, and so far their attacks are limited to veryeasy to undo pranks. I've left two of their less .. interesting .. attacksup for people to see, as comments to the previous article. I, na klar, haveblocked access to the anonymizing proxy some of them have used, but theothers have visited using their raw IPs, so if I wanted to make a fuss I couldcontact their ISPs and probably get them in trouble. Ehh.. not worth it so far.

fMRI research really is fun. Some of the analyses take awhile to run though.You'd be surprised how much CPU and disk are used for a study of 8 people.I still have a lot to learn about it though.

Tags: warning, wikipedia

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