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Delicate Minds

The fun with the troll group continues. But it's actually kind of amusing,really. They've scooped my picture off of my work and personal pages,pasted it onto some not-suitable-for-work pages in a kind of childish way,and have been bugging me on IM to go visit it so they can get my IP address.Of course, I use an appliance to get on the net, so they can't really doanything to me except track where I go when I visit their sites. Probably nottoo useful to them. They continue to vandalize wikipedia, and naturally havealso found my phone number (not too hard to find) and have pranked a few times.There was also some guy who called me up and had some set of interview-likequestions, and wanted to broadcast the "interview" over internet radio.No reason not to play along -- its not like it's impossible to find my voiceelsewhere on the net. The theory their group seems to be operating under is thatI have some kind of vendetta against them, or hate them, or something. As Iunderstand, childish groups like that really have a need to have anopponent that hates them, and their harassment is probably designed to maketheir opponents do just that, so they can butt heads with an incoherentraging opponent, and perhaps get into some kind of stupid defacement contest.Presumably this sometimes happens between such groups, and they have a 'war'.It's indeed childish, but also kind of funny too. The psychology behind it isprobably worth studying -- reminds me a lot of hacker culture, which I wasinvolved in about 15 years ago (I was rather young). Actually, more of thescript-kiddies -- actual hackers were different. Anyhow, back to theinterview, I answered questions about music I like, video games I like to play,a few about Wikipedia and why I proposed the article about them for deletion,and a really odd question at the end, where they asked me if I thought it waslikely that "the Jews" were behind the September 11th attacks. I'm not sure ifit was just thrown in there for laughs, or if it means they're rather racist,or if it means they think I'm racist. Anyhow, it's presumably been broadcaston the internet somewhere, although I imagine possibly in some kind of editedform, like the pictures. Anyhow, I do wonder how long this kind of thing willlast. If you can take it as lightly as I am, go check out

Oh, looks like IA64 has been hit by another car -- HP is no longer sellingworkstation-class machines with that CPU. Yes, there are still the server-classboxen, but this really has killed IA64, and AMD has won this battle. Hurrah.

I'm looking forward to this weekend's New York trip with N. It'll be niceseeing the Opera and TMBG... I need to pick up my suit tomorrow from the tailor,and pack.

I've been thinking today about what I want from a house or a home. Design,features, etc. Brainstorming about it is fun... drawing up idealized houseplans, sketches, etc. Some years ago, I bought an issue of Dwell Magazine,which really adds charge to the brainstorming..One common theme between the ideal homes of N and I is an observatory. Hmm.

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